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Royal Aleppo Soap 35% Laurel

Royal Aleppo Soap 35% Laurel

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Nothing but the best.

Nowadays it's hard to distinguish the real from the fake, the aleppo soap doesn't have a distinguished controlled appellation, therefore it's produced all over the world. By now, you'd be probably thinking, "unfair competition". Well, we've got good news for you : we don't consider any soaps made outside our regions to be competition. 

We strive not only to provide you with extraordinary authentic products, but also in making sure you feel good knowing what you're getting. 

For more than eight generations, this specific soap, has been our familie's favourite one. Dozens of people sharing one common thing, our well-being. 

35% of laurel oil is the maximum you can find in a real Aleppo Soap. We're underlining real because some do go over 35%, but then, it no longer respects the ancestral recipe. 

With this soap, you will have an unprecedented feeling after each shower, after washing your face or even shaving. The Laurel oil will go as deep in your skin, as reaching out to your spirit, whilst olive oil makes sure you stay hydrated. 

P.S : Soap to be treated with lots of love. 

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